Monsters Of the Night

It pisses me off so much when my mom treats me like im fuck 12. Im 18 and responsible. All i want to do is go on a fucking trip with some friends and she acts like anytime im not within eye shot im doing something I ” Don’t have any business doing.” Wtf stop this shit ive done everything youve ever asked of me and when i ask for a little freedom you act like I slapped you. Im so fucking ready to be out of here. I AM NOT A CHILD ANYMORE QUITE TREATING ME LIKE I AM! Let me go out and learn on my own you cant keep me in a box forever. I dont do anything or go anywhere and all i want is a 3 day trip with some friends but oh no in your mind all I really want to do is go out have sex with 12 people and do every drug Kknown to man and turn into a prostitute and never come home. Damn appreciate the person that i am and the young lady ive become. Quite acting like im a disgrace to the family name or something. The only reputation that you can protect is that youve been a dictator my whole life and you wont let me grow up. Would you mother approve of this no did she tteat you like this no so stop doing it to me fuck.

End rant. For now.



So I’m hosting a Chinese exchange student for the year, and she came in last night at midnight, so I was asleep (trying to get back on a regular sleep schedule, you know?), and this morning she gave me a gift.

  • It’s a mug
  • When you put hot liquid in it
  • It changes from solid black
  • To
  • Pictures
  • Of
  • My
  • Face


gay boy:  hey man you look good today
straight boy:  oh my god man what the fuck i'm not a faggot, i'm pretty sure this is harassment
straight boy:  [slaps girls' asses as they walk by] [asks them if they finger themselves] [pleads every girl to have anal sex]


boys will be bo-“

*flies in* 

*punches you in the face*


The world is crazy for tolerating that “missing plane” nonsense they own technology that can literally register and issue tickets the moment you’ve pulled a quarter inch past the white line at the stop light and you can’t find 239 people on a 777 Boeing wide body Jet ? Rubbish ..and we’re accepting that ?..


mom dad… im homesexual…im in love with real estate